Business Workshop Series:

The Foundations

Business Workshop Series: The Foundations

This series of 3 workshops were held online during the first half of 2024.  the purpose of the series is to build employer competence and awareness for effective recruitment for people who are blind or vision impaired.

Workshop 1:  Accessible and Inclusive Recruitment Practices.

Explore considerations and strategies for developing accessible and inclusive recruitment practices, including advertising, interviewing processes and onboarding. Join guest speaker Matt Gowan from Affirmative Recruitment to learn more about how to create inclusive recruitment practices in your workplace.

Workshop 2: Reasonable Adjustments and Assistive Technology in the Workplace.

Gain up to date knowledge of the latest developments in technology and understand the considerations for integration in the workplace. Join Peter Cracknell from Quantum Technology for an assistive technology demonstration of the latest technology options, and learn how assistive technology enables people who are blind or vision impaired to succeed in the workplace.

Workshop 3: Creating Accessible and Inclusive Workplace Cultures.

#NecessaryforSome, GoodforAll.

Learn some everyday considerations and strategies that you can take away and implement today to make your workplace culture inclusive for all. Join Madi and Claire from An Eye to the Future for tips on how to run accessible meetings (both face-to-face and online), safety considerations, and workplace set ups.