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Building an inclusive workplace

Are you an employer or recruiter looking to employ someone who is blind or vision impaired?

An Eye to the Future understands that diversity in the workplace begins with organisations and industry leaders thinking differently, taking an opportunity to expand their business strengths, and foster inclusion of staff and customers.  This program seeks to assist employers to simplify the inclusion of people who are blind or vision impaired into meaningful employment.

We can support you to optimise your hiring processes to engage people who are blind or vision impaired and provide a fresh approach to meeting your workplace inclusion strategy.  Our Bitesize ‘Lunchbox’ training sessions change perspectives and promote understanding of how to support the employment of people who are blind or vision impaired.  Mentoring is offered  to both you, the employer, and the successful candidate, to smooth the way at the commencement of the employment contract.

All this at no cost to the employer!

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