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Disability Employment Services

Disability Employment Services provide specialist employment assistance to support people with disability, injury or health condition to find and retain suitable employment in the open labour market. This fact sheet focuses on supports for people with disability and employers.

Disability Employment Services has two parts:

Disability Management Service is for job seekers with disability, injury or health conditions who need assistance to find a job and occasional support in the workplace to keep a job.

Employment Support Service provides assistance to job seekers with permanent disability to find a job and who need regular, ongoing support in the workplace to keep a job.

Disability Employment Services can assist you to look for and find work, provide support to you if you are working, or provide support if you think your job is at risk because of your disability, injury or health condition.


JobAccess is the national hub for employment information for people with disability, employers and service providers. This fact sheet focuses on supports for people with disability and employers.

JobAccess can support people with disability by providing programs and information focused on the following:

  • Financial support
  • Finding or changing jobs
  • Training and development
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • Disability Employment Services
  • Your workplace
  • Current vacancies

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The role of the NDIS in improving employment outcomes for people with disability is part of its responsibilities of a broader government strategy to address the low rates of employment for people with disability. The scheme, employers, and mainstream employment assistance services all have a role to play in achieving this goal.

The NDIS will fund:

  • Supports to assist participants with employment where it is beyond the requirements of employment services and employers; and
  • The participant would require regardless of the activity they are undertaking (personal care, assistance with transport, assistive technology).

The NDIS specifically funds ‘School Leaver Employment Support (SLES)’ and ‘Finding and Keeping a Job’ which are predominately skill development and career planning precursors to a DES program. They work with the participant to develop work readiness, access work experience and skill acquisition.

The NDIS will also provide non work related supports which can include, in home, social and capacity building.

A person with disability can apply to the NDIS and will undertake a planning meeting to determine their support needs and apply for funding.

School Leaver Employment Supports

School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) are an early intervention approach for year 12 school leavers. The program is designed to support a participant’s transition from school to employment. The aim of SLES is to build a participant’s ability and confidence to work with a Disability Employment Services provider.

Australian Human Rights Commission

The Australian Human Rights Commission is an independent statutory organisation that works to protect and promote the human rights of all people in Australia.

Anti-discrimination bodies in Australian States and Territories  

Each state and territory in Australia has its own anti-discrimination body which deals with that state or territory’s own anti-discrimination legislation.

Disability Employment Australia (DEA)

Disability Employment Australia is the peak body for Australia’s Disability Employment Services. DEA advise, lobby, advocate, provide training, information, events and promote the range of services delivered by the Disability Employment Services.

Australian Network on Disability

Australian Network on Disability is a not for profit organisation made up of disability consultants who support a network of member employers on being disability confident and inclusive employers.


Centrelink is the government agency that provides payments and services to Australians on behalf of the Commonwealth Government.

Complaints Resolution and Referral Service

The Complaints Resolution and Referral Service is an independent service that handles complaints about Disability Employment Service providers (and other specific types of funded disability services) across Australia.

Department of Education and the Department of Employment

The Department of Education and the Department of Employment are the lead government agencies providing policy frameworks, funding and monitoring quality of education and employment programs, and implementing programs for better education, employment and workplace relations across Australia.

Disability Law

Disability Law is a service for people with disability and their associates wanting to make use of the anti-disability discrimination legislation. Their website includes some useful downloadable documents regarding disability discrimination and frequently asked questions.