The idea that increasing the diversity of a workplace can have widely positive impacts on the business and its employees is not new.  almost a decade worth of studies has shown that hiring people with disability is a smart business decision.

An Eye to the Future’ project highlights the unique skills, knowledge, and diversity that people who are blind or vision impaired bring to the workforce, and connects and works with employers to become leaders in equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

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Our services

For Candidates

Develop an accessible resume that works for you and your potential employer

Write cover letters that showcase your unique skills

Build confidence to make your mark at interviews

Positive strategies for disclosing vision loss

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For Employers 

Lunchbox targeted bite size training that change perspectives and promote understanding of how to support the employment of people who are blind or vision impaired

Professional development workshops that provide strategies and pathways to enhance workplace culture and processes for people who are blind or vision impaired

tailored advice on how employers and recruiters can successfully employ staff who are blind or vision impaired

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