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Support and Services

Reasonable Adjustments

People who are blind or vision impaired use a range of assistive technology to enable them to complete the role.  They may also require modifications to the workplace.  These adaptations are known as reasonable adjustments.

Creating an accessible workplace for a person who is blind or vision impaired is very similar to creating a safe and accessible workplace for all employees.  Considerations might include the following:

  • Lighting in all areas of the office, including in workspaces, meeting rooms, staff amenities, hallways and stairwells. This includes considerations of natural lighting and the instillation of blinds to reduce glare.  
  • Keep walkways and exit paths free of clutter and materials  
  • Safe and clear entry and exit points  
  • Ergonomically suitable furniture  

Job Access

Job Access is a program run by the Department of Social Services that support people with disability to succeed in employment by covering the costs of the reasonable adjustments they may need to undertake their job.  

The Australian Government provides funding through the Job Access Employment Assistance Fund (EAF) to cover the costs of workplace adjustments, support and training to get your workplace ready and help an employee with disability work more productively or safely.

There is no cost to the employer to make a workplace accessible for an employee with disability, or for purchasing assistive technology for an employee who is blind or vision impaired.  

Disability Employment Services (DES)

A DES provider will often be involved in the Job Access work place assessment. They may be able to provide on-the-job training to the successful candidates and ongoing support to resolve any issues for you and the employee.  There may also be financial incentives available to your organisation under some circumstances. 

For more information about DES providers, visit the Department of Social Services website. 


IncludeAbility is an online resource for both employees and employers that aims to increase the employment of people with disability. They have resources on creating accessible and inclusive workplaces and supporting meaningful employment for people with disabilities.