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Workplace Modifications

Being aware of the assistive technology you may need in the workplace, and how an employer will bring this into the workplace will put the employers mind at ease, and equip you with the knowledge to confidently walk into the workplace with the right supports in place.  

Assistive Technology and workplace adjustments 

A free workplace assessment through the Job Access Employment Assistance Fund is available to help you work out what modifications or equipment will best meet your needs and help you do your job. This is called a Workplace Modification Assessment. The assessment is done by a qualified professional. The Assessor will look at your workplace and any barriers that may exist; and talk with you and your employer to find solutions to make your workplace more flexible and accessible. 

Some examples of workplace changes or extra equipment or services to assist you at work include: 

  • Increasing lighting  
  • Provision of clear markings and colour contrasts on steps or pathways 
  • Building modifications to allow access to bathroom facilities  
  • Screen-reading or magnification software  
  • Desktop magnifiers 
  • Access to Auslan interpreters  

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