Woman who is blind or vision impaired using a computer with refreshable braille display in the workplace.

Diversity, Inclusivity and Changing Employer Perceptions

A day in the working life

a video series changing perceptions around the employment potential of people who are blind or vision impaired, their life hacks for now and in the future.

Videos include audio description and closed captions (turn on CC feature to read the captions)

Meet Linda Agnew

Linda talks us through working at the University of New England and her fantastic side project in Vanuatu.

Meet Steve Sparrow

Steve talks us through his business as an audio technician and his top 20 country music tracks.

Meet Pam Spelling

Pam talks us through working at UnitingCare and her gorgeous fur baby Tilly.

Meet Kristy Fitzgerald

Kristy talks us through working at DFAT and her love of cruising.