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Job ready workshops

Giving you all the confidence you need

Job ready workshop series: With Confidence

This workshop series supports the career potential of people who are blind or vision impaired with job readiness tips including resume and cover letter preparation, the job search, and interview preparation

This series was presented by the Eye to the Future Team – Madison Braim, Claire Dorling and Bettina Twyman – during 2023

Disclosing with Confidence

Learn about your rights within the workplace and remember it’s your choice how and when to disclose.  Then Madi and Claire help you understand the language of disclosure and how to create your own disclosure script.

Approaching Job Applications with Confidence

Loraine is a HR Practitioner and Recruiter with over 25 years of experience in this field and she talks about what makes an application successful for shortlisting from an employer’s perspective.  Then Madi and Claire discussed considerations and tips for writing a successful resume/cover letter and how to approach the job application process with confidence.

Interviewing with Confidence

Lorraine is a HR and Recruitment Practitioner who talks from an employer’s perspective about the interview process and successful interview techniques. Then Madi and Claire take you through how to address key selection criteria in an interview context, and they do, a mock interview demonstrating the use of the STAR technique to answer behavioural-based questions in an interview.