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Business Round table

Through the employer lens

Business Round table

This event was held online in April 2022.

Session 1 – Funding for businesses who employ staff with disability

Renee Soloman, BCA Project Officer talks about funding and other assistance that is available to employers to cover the costs of employing staff with disability. Her presentation is followed by Q&A.

Session 2 – Navigating the Workplace

Nicole Willing, BCA Manager, introduces Conor Smith, BCA Project Officer who shares real life stories of how employees who are blind or vision impaired have managed to make their work environment safer.  Research shows that the number of OHS incidents in employees with disability is significantly lower than that of an average employee. His presentation is followed by Q&A.

Session 3 – Productivity and Capacity

Hear from Ben Clare, who is an employee who is blind, and Katie Franklin, both from ABC who share their experiences from the employee and employer perspectives  Then Jane Britt, BCA Policy and Advocacy Team Leader, talks about making adaptations possible for people with disability in the workplace.