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Business workshops

Changing perceptions

Business workshop series

This workshop series is for businesses who are interested to learn more about the benefits of employing people who are blind or vision impaired and how to build inclusion into organisational processes and culture.

Assessments for an Inclusive Workforce

This workshop features a personal account from Latrobe University, and takes a deeper dive into workplace assessments using case studies to identify reasonable adjustments for employees.

Optimising the Hiring Process

Learn more about running equitable and inclusive hiring processes.  Topics covered include how to structure accessible advertisements, assessing key criteria as well as asking the right questions and how to get the best out of your applicants.

Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Take the first steps to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.  Learn som practical strategies you can implement today that will enhance your workplace culture for current and future employees.  Hear from ANZ employees Christopher Simms and Rodo Israel Mainque, who share their insights to success on the inclusion journey..