The Accessible Recruitment Guide

A practical guide for HR and recruiters

The Accessible Recruitment Guide

By Media Access Australia 

This guide provides practical ‘real world’ guidance on how best to address accessibility-related issues in recruitment and human resources management.

It comes from an often-expressed need from charitable organisations, Government departments and businesses for specific information around how best to accommodate and interact with people who have disability.

As a Guide to getting started and best practice, this accessible recruitment resource is designed to assist HR managers, recruitment specialists and hiring managers, along with disability advocates and diversity & equity teams, in regards to what can be done to help make the hiring process fully accessible on the web and in digital environments. What’s more, the benefits of accessibility also flow on to increased staff satisfaction as well as personnel retention.

Inside you’ll find some very useful information on:

  • The impact of people experiencing disabilities
  • The benefits of workplace diversity
  • A digital accessibility checklist for accessible recruitment
  • Six tips for improving accessible recruitment in digital environments
  • Useful accessibility checking tools and free resources.
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