Inclusive Recruitment: Advertising the job

To help you attract a diverse pool of candidates, we’ve put together this Fact Sheet with tips on how to write an inclusive job advertisement and position description.  Inclusive Recruitment means removing barriers so that all jobseekers can access the job advertisement and Position Description. By being an inclusive recruiter, your business can increase the quality and size of the applicant pool to help you find the right person for the role.

What are the inherent requirements of the role.

Inherent requirements are the core activities, tasks or skills that are essential to a specific position. They cannot be allocated to another role, and they are a major part of the job and result in significant consequences if they are not performed.

Position Descriptions must include the necessary requirements of the position and not include extra ‘desirable’ or ‘preferred’ criteria which could indirectly discriminate against people with disability. For example, the requirement for a driver’s licence is often mentioned in job advertisements. However, there are only a few positions where a driver’s licence is a necessary and a non-negotiable requirement of a job, such as in the case of a taxi or delivery driver.

A driver’s licence – is it really essential to the position?

Employers often mention that a driver’s licence is a requirement of a position. To be an inclusive recruiter, consider whether having a driver’s licence is really an essential part of the job. Consider that employees often use other strategies for conducting work related travel, such as using public transport, taxis, walking, or ride-sharing when travelling to/from meetings. Often, a driver’s licence is not an essential part of a job, so consider only including it in the job advertisement and position description if it really is an inherent requirement of the role.

Provide the job advertisement and all other information in accessible formats

All job advertisements, position descriptions, guidelines, and application forms must be accessible to a person who is blind or vision impaired, including through the use of assistive technology, such as screen reading software which reads information displayed on a screen audibly. When formatting your job advertisement and other documents, ensure your choice of font and colours are accessible for those who are vision impaired.

Which Fonts to use when formatting a document

Fonts such as Arial, Verdana, or Calibri are easier to read. Along with this, avoid using italics or all capital letters. These styles make it difficult to differentiate the letters. If you want to emphasise something, it is best to use bold instead of italics or all capital letters.

Avoid using PDF documents

While it is possible to make PDF documents accessible, the process is not always easy. The most reliable way to make your document accessible to all jobseekers is to publish it in HTML on your website. This also improves navigation for mobile users. If you do use PDF documents, you need to provide a Microsoft Word/Rich Text Format (RTF) document also to ensure that the document is accessible to people using screen reading software.

Ensure your website is fully accessible

Website content, online application forms and information placed on external recruitment websites (such as Seek) must comply with W3C Web Accessibility Guidelines. A clear set of instructions which outline how to complete online forms, and confirmation that the application has been successfully lodged and received, should also be implemented. Alternative application methods should also be used, such as providing an email address for jobseekers to send their application in the case they cannot use the online form.

Emphasise your commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Consider stating your commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in the job advertisement. Let applicants know your workplace is welcoming and inclusive to people with disability and provide contact details so that jobseekers can request accessible documents or ask questions about the role.

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